Get Clear & See Results

At Encompass Clarity we want to ensure we gain a clear understanding of the business need and create alignment with our solutions. To do this we employ our getClear process. The process is designed to center our efforts on the needs of our clients, elevate the solutions that meet those needs best and adequately react with a clear strategy and timeline.

  • Center
    We meet with our clients in a formal session to reiterate the business need and gain clarity with the various elements that impact that need. The outcome is a clear understand of the goals of our client interactions, relationship & deliverables going forward.
  • Learn
    We learn as much as we can about each identified element that will affect or will be affected by the outcome of our proposed solutions. We do a deep dive and present this information to our clients for clarity.
  • Elevate
    Of course there can be a myriad of solutions and tactics that can be employed. But, we elevate only those that align clearly with the business need and present those as part of our solution.
  • Align
    We align all of our efforts to the larger goals of the company, especially revenue and customer relationship goals.
  • React
    We react to the business problem, now, with clear goals, clear timelines, and clear expected deliverables.
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